Monday, October 19, 2009

Building a henge are we?

Took a day trip to Stonehenge and Salisbury. Stonehenge was very cool and it was kinda foggy which made it more eerie.

Shaw and Warner

Saw a talk back session at the National about Mother Courage with Deborah Warner (director) and Fiona Shaw.


Saw the Spaghetti Western Orchestra play everything from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly to A Fist Full of Dollars. Very fun interactive concert.
Saw Mother Courage and Her Children at the National Theater. Mother Courage was played by the amazing Fiona Shaw and Harry Melling, who played Dudley Dursley, was her son, Swiss Cheese. Great production!

Hampton Court

Today I made a spontaneous decision and Rochelle and I went to Hampton Court Palace, famed residence of King Henry VIII. The palace was full of activity with lots of presentations and workshops led by costumed actors portraying different members of the King's Court during his sixth marriage. That night we took part in a promenade play about the last days of Queen Anne. We all had to be in cloaks and followed a different member of the cast. The best part was that the stage consisted of half of the actual palace where these events would have taken place. Pretty awesome experience.


Went to the London Zoo today. Saw where they filmed Harry Potter in the reptile house and a bronze statue dedicated to the real Winnie the Pooh.


Took a road trip with Carrie today to Cosprop, this enormous costume house, and picked up the costumes for Miss Julie.

Buckingham and the Globe

Today Rochelle and I went to the Queens state rooms at Buckingham Palace. Then met up with some other kids that night and Love's Labors Lost at the Globe Theater. This was one of the most enjoyable theater experiences I've ever had. We got there early and stood in the groundings section right at the front of the stage. The actors were brilliantly directed and absolutely hilarious.


It was my first day interning at the Rose Theater in Kingston. Pretty cool, but I didn't really know what to do as they were in the middle of tech week. Not the best time to come into the process.
After work I met up with the theater class a the National Theater and we saw All's Well That Ends Well with Oliver Ford Davies as the King of France. Very good production.

The Mousetrap

After running around way to close to showtime searching for tickets in the west end we ended up seeing Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, the longest running show ever.

Market Day

Went to Petticoat Lane, Old Spitafield, and Brick Lane. Did some shopping and met a guy that works in costumes for the Royal Opera. Then took a sunset walk through Regents Park.
Yeah! I made it to London!

Brussels day 2

Today we went to the Chocolate Museum and the Costume Museum of Brussels. Then had a great farewell tour dinner.


Today we went to the comic strip museum, the musical instrument museum, and the European Commission. I also saw Manniken Pis which wasn't all that interesting.

On to Belgium

Got on the bus for Brussels and stopped in Waterloo. There we saw the famous lion statue and the panorama depicting the battle between Napoleon and Wellington. At 3:00pm we arrived at the magical Hotel Mozart complete with a labyrinth of halls and stairs plastered with paintings and Obama posters.


We went to the Court of Justice today in Luxembourg. Then we visited Bourscheid Castle and headed back to Trier. For my last dinner in Germany I had Weiner Schnitzel with fresh peas and fried potatoes with bacon.

Back at it.

Sorry for the delay friends. Really busy in jolly old London town. It's way past time for some updates I think. Don't you?