Monday, September 29, 2014

First big weekend in Glasgow

Well. It has been a long week. More information than you can shake a stick at! I will admit that I was starting to fade somewhere around Thursday morning. However, during our MA CCT session, everyone presented a monologue. Wow. Seriously. Everyone totally rocked it. I cannae wai' t' work with this incredibly talent'd group of actors! HUZZAH! I will say, a class favorite was Keith's monologue from The Specialist by Eric Bogosian. That afternoon we got a tour of the gorgeous new Wallace studios which houses the costumes, scene shop, sound and lighting, as well as dance and rehearsal spaces. We will luckily be rehearsing a lot here.
At the end of the day we had a panel discussion with the outgoing cohort of MA CCTs. Mostly, what they were asked to talk about was their placement, the research project, and their mentor. Very fascinating. It was nice to hear that some experiences were great and some were just OK and that almost everything they did came out of projects and contacts that were made throughout the year. Word Of The Day: PASSION. As long as you have passion for something, it will happen (If you build it, they will come.) The discussion then migrated down the block to The Flying Duck. Very cool basement bar that I am sure will be a frequent haunt of ours from now on.
I got to talk to a couple of the Americans briefly and Claire from New Zealand, but I mostly talked with Maria from Sweden. She gave me tons of inside info on the upcoming year, including when/how/where I will get my stage combat fix. DOUBLE HUZZAH!!

Friday could not come soon enough! One last long day of welcome meetings.
In our final session with Mark, we reflected on our meeting with last years cohort. Then we discussed the schedule for the upcoming week. Finally! Acting! BOOM TOWN!
That night, we decided to have our first major gathering... PARTY TIME! First week was in the bag and we were on top of the world! At about 8pm, we had all squeezed cozily into our favorite Aussy's swanky studio apartment. THANKS CLAIRE!!!!
I made almost a full bottle of brandy's worth of old fashions. 
TRIPLE HUZZAH!!! Now, off the +BLOC bar...

Sunny Happy Glorious Saturday.
Needless, to say, people were a little worse for wear on our first day off. It was a fantastic day to sleep in... and go to a three and a half hour production of Hamlet! YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHAAAaaaaahahahahahahaaaaawaaawaawaawa(continue into sobbing). Hamlet will get it's own oh-so-very-special-post soon. Don't you worry your pretty little heads.

"A Loch to look forward to on Sunday."
YEAH SUNDAY! Today was fabulous. A group of us decided to go to Loch Lomond today. However, Fiona's car could only fit five, so the lovely Becky and I had to make our own way. I'm pretty sure we left about the same time as the others, FYI.
We took the train out to Balloch around 12:15. It was a pleasant 40ish min. Right, Becky? Anyway, I thought it would be fun (Right, Becky?) to document our day on my ipad and make a little movie/trailer (COMING SOON!) When we got to Balloch, our tourist-know-how told us to go to the information center first. Well done Becky! (She can have credit for that one.) I bought a new sticker, huzzah, and we made our way down the lovely wooded trail to the Loch Lomond Shores center.

Becky REALLY wanted to go to the Loch Lomond Aquarium, right Becky? But I said no, because I'm mean, right Becky?

About time to eat, right Becky? We grabbed some food from Zest Cafe which, of course, was misleading because most food in the UK, other than Indian, is quite bland in my opinion. We wondered around the shops and market that was there, wondering if our friends were ever going to show up or if they were lost, or that they just simply didn't like us and stood us up as a joke. Most of the rest of the day was defined by a missed phone call and a call back with directions. Right, Becky?
When the group finally showed up, they were hungry, so we all went to Zest. This time I got a cappuccino which was the zestiest thing I could think of on the menu.

Afterwards, Becky basically begged us all to go to the aquarium or she would throw herself off of the docks. Right, Becky? (The group seemed to think that Becky and I were bickering like an old married couple, right Becky? This was ridiculous as Becky and I had a perfectly wonderful day together, right Becky?)

Eddie, being a former rower, wanted to go out on the water. YEAH WATER!!! We all split a six person double canoe except Becky, who obviously needed to walk off the extreme sadness and regret she felt for not being able to go the aquarium.
As we made our way back to the car and train station I got a little more footage for my film project and while doing a series of leaps across camera, poor little Eddie ripped his pants. :-)

All in all, a perfectly wonderful day. Right, Becky?

Can't wait to get into the program work on Monday! QUADRUPLE HUZZAH!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Out and about.

Great day today. After a short session about student services we had a few hours to kill before our afternoon session with Mark. One of my fellow CCT's, Claire, and I decided to explore the city center for a while. There just so happened to be an outdoor craft/food fair going on starting today and going through Sunday on Sauchiehall Street. We wondered around smelling all of the french pastries, german sausages, and fresh heather plants and then headed east toward George Square. (pic)
After infiltrating another college's student fair, we headed back. I grabbed a croque monsieur from a very bubbly frenchman. We met everyone on the steps of the RCS and hung out until our meeting. 

Today, after going over the rest of the year's plans, Mark split us off into groups to discuss professionalism. We all boiled it down to a few key terms including respect, drive/effort, and organization/communication. My group found it easier to discuss what wasn't professional as a starting point and how a money and organization are not neccessarily a sure fire way to be professional. In fact, many "amateur" theater companies are far more professional than some well-established "professional" companies. All in all, it was a very interesting conversation.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am a sponge. I am an iiiiiiisland.

End of my second day of the first week. Yesterday was a bit of a breeze. We had a nice easy welcome session followed by an impromptu meet 'n greet for the MA CCT's. Apparently Mark was double booked. It was actually great and very interesting to be put into a room with the rest of the class and without knowing one another, discover each other. All on our own without a "leader". Fascinating. Anyway, a bunch of us ended at the pub and danced the night away. 

Today, our cohort of MAs had a great little chat with the Dean. After that we had a session with the IT department followed by a tour of the library. Wow, I can honostly say that our conservatory library is the coolest library I've ever seen. The resources Alan has put together are amazing. It is also constantly growing and evolving. Well done. Very well done. Our final session was with Mark Saunders, the head of our program. We divided into partners and interviewed each other and presented each other to the class. Eve Jamieson will be running our realism project and stopped by to help Mark give a broad overview of the upcoming trimester. I cannae wai t'ge start'd!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Glaswegian Sunday

I had a nice easy day walking around Glasgow city center. I even took a little walk over to the RCS. A really good rock band with a horn section was playing some oldies on Buchanan Street. I also walked past Trader Joe's Pub which is around the corner from RCS and there was a Beatles cover duo rockin' out. I can't wait for school to start tomorrow! Whatever should I wear?

In my room, in my room.

Things are shaping up nicely in chalet Klarer. Of course, it's a work in progress, but what isn't these days. I think I'll get a spicy haggis roll for breakfast. Then perhaps I'll buy some shoes and take a walk about town.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


After a very long day, I finally made it to Glasgow! With my bags! YEAH! Ihave explore a couple of streets around my housing. I bought bedding, hangers, a cell phone, fish and chips, and now my internet is set up, so I can actually report that I did indeed do those things. BUT, the most important business I can do now is wish my best friend, Ben, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

Reyjavik, Iceland

I had a nice 5 hour flight from Toronto to Reykjavik. Is at next to this delightfully sweet couple, Robyn and Edward, who shared their fair trade dark espresso chocolate with me. They were on their way to England and were taking advantage of the fee free week layover in Iceland. The started watching the King's Speech and spent the first third of the movie fumbling with ear buds which either didn't work so they switched or kept falling out of their ears because they were sharing and trying to snuggle together. Occasionally Robyn would reach over and say, "Give me a little kiss." He of course obliged.

Now it's 7am local time, 3am back home. It'll be a short flight to Glasgow where I am just hoping beyond hope that my luggage will meet me. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Blame Canada

I'm glad I got to the MKE airport a little early. Air Canada apparently doesn't know how bag check works. The system would allow my bags to be tagged/checked for my final destination. After an hour the poor sweet woman at the counter finally got some help from the main office after being hung up on. All I could do was wait and give her my best sympathetic puppy face and well wishes. There was also a huge line full of mostly hunters with huge bags and gun cases, as well as a spattering of cute middle-aged couples off to Copenhagen or wherever. The guy ahead of me dropped his credit card through the bag scale and the amputee hunter behind me was probably 100 and was checking in a huge duffle, a gun case, and had a walker with camo wrapped around the feet. I think he actually intends to hunt with it. The Godspeed Gladys. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Also, I don't remember her name.)

Grad School Abroad

It's 4:30am on the day of my flight to Glasgow, Scotland where I will begin grad school for the next year. The road has been long. I applied to many schools, had many auditions, and waited and waited and waited. Then I was accepted to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. After a summer of NYC, dog walking, stage combat, and a little Door County. I am finally on my way. Here's to a good year and many stready blog posts!