Thursday, January 28, 2016

A workin' man.

Well, it's been over a week since I arrived back in the beautifully wet Glasgow. In that time I have secured a room in a lovely flat on the south side. I have also already worked several shifts at the classy WEST On The Corner where I served delightfully delicious German beer and food.

I have also gotten a couple of opportunities to stretch my stage combat muscles; stepping into a sword and shield class and a lovely little fight club play group as well as stretching my actual muscles again at my home away from home: the gym. 

I've seen some great theater and plan on seeing more. Met some fantastic new people and plan to meet many more. I've even gotten to check out a few places/establishments I didn't get to last trip and plan on doing plenty more of that.

Settling into the Glasgwegian life quite nicely. Next up: create some theatre magic!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back at it.

After a whirlwind stint back in the states for the holidays, I have triumphantly returned to the magical land of Scotland and the decidedly comforting wetness of Glasgow.

I'm currently sitting in the iCafe on Sauchiehall St. revising my CV for distribution at various l Glaswegian establishments. Then it's off to another couple of flat viewings. I have a couple of nice inexpensive hopefuls already, but it always pays to have more than enough options. I've have graciously been hosted for first few days by my good buddy Bruce, but I never overstay my welcome. I made a really nice batch of chili last night so he seems quite content at the moment.

I actually was planning on staying in Glasgow right through til May after graduating from the Conservatoire, however I was lucky enough to go home and be able to revisit The Santaland Diaries at Third Avenue Playhouse which I had performed three years ago. A good solid run with a good solid cast (for a one-man show) ;-)

I capped 2015 with a nice cold plunge into Lake Michigan on New Years Day with the Jacksonport Polar Bear Club.

Rounding out my trip home was one of the best stage combat workshops I've ever had. Also got a nice little stunt school reunion and some time with friends in Chicago!

Now I'm back at it in Glasgow and ready for the next adventure!