Monday, August 16, 2010

Happenings in the East

Well it's been a long summer so far and I haven't blogged a whole lot. So here's the scoop: We've been performing Tempest, R&J, and Twelfth Night to almost all full houses since we started. The Plimoth Players all male Shakespeare troupe, I believe I can say, is a success. Yeah! A lot of hard work went into this project to get it on its feet, but I think (hope) we have all learned or are learning from our mistakes/failures/etc... In the end the product is what counts and our product has impressed many, including several newspapers and some theatrically important people.
I have also gotten the side job of giving walking, historical, ghost tours of Plymouth on Sundays and Mondays. Apart from that, I mostly am keeping with costume repairs and performing a fight demonstration on show days. I choreographed a "silly" fight (I also used a piece of my SiS SPT fight from DC Wright.) and Jake and I perform the fight, explain the parts of the sword, and break down the fight move-to-move. We then have volunteers (usually children) come up and, while always keeping hold of the blade, teach them how to do a thrusting lunge. The demonstration is much enjoyed by all.

As for the future, we're done with the shows labor day weekend and I will be going home to good old Mount Horeb for the first week of Sept (including my birthday) and then returning to Massachusetts for the fall. Then probably being home for Christmas and the month or two after. At which time I will have to start preparing for next summers season at Plimoth Plantation.

So that's what I got so far. I'll try to be more frequent about this whole blog thing. :)

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