Monday, March 2, 2015

Renaissance of 2015

It's been a crazy month since the Globe.

We finished in London with our performance of scenes from Love's Labour's Lost to a crowd that's twice as big as most residency showings at the Globe. I'm so happy my mom got to see it and meet everyone. We then had a nice weekend in and around London. Went to a few museums, saw a show, visited Hampton Court, and even got a backstage tour meet and greet with a couple of my friends from The Rose Theatre in Kingston. 

A month in London was fantastic, but I will say that I was very happy to return to my little room in Glasgow. Upon returning, I had a nice easy week of recovery from the hubbub of the big city. We even saw Bard in the Botanics five-handed touring production of Romeo & Juliet. Very good. Then spent the next week prepping up for Edward II. 

We are now starting our third week of rehearsal. As far as I'm concerned, everything has been going very well. We got through the whole play in about four days for the first crack. I am really loving my journey thus far and my bevy of characters. I'm also looking forward to our vocal support at the end of this week. It's always good to focus and solidify. 

I am also Fight Captain for both Edward II and King Lear. We've now had two sessions with our choreographer and I've been running regular fight calls with the Lear ladies. So that's nice. :-) This past Saturday we had an afternoon session working on devised battle-ography for Edward II. Then on Sunday a few of us dressed up to the nines and had some fancy drinks at the Corinthian Club. Now, back to lines... 

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