Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Groin shots and beatin' up women...

Another day down, another sore muscle(s)... Today, we reviewed our stomach punches and moved on to kicks. We did both out of range and contact kicks. Then moved on to hair pulls and contact slaps. That's right folks I said contact slaps, but before you get all uppity because I spent the better half of 30 min slapping a girl :) we then did contact groin shots! And there is nothing better than a room of 60 people kicking each other in the crotch or as the Maestro calls it: getting kicked in the goolies. :) Groin shots are funny - DC Wright tm. The second half of the day we spent learning a choreographed fight that we will film tomorrow and critique. Now for a couple of episodes of Archer and then bed. :)

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