Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today we went to Baden-Baden (city so nice they named it
twice, haha). They are home of the famous Caracalla Spa and Roman style bathe. It was amazing!
I especially liked the aroma therapy steam bath.
We then proceeded through the Schwartzwald (Black Forest)
on our way to our chateau lodging in the lovely
Strasbourg. We stopped at a beautiful little lake that had a special black cuckoo clock (see picture). Then we stopped at the ruins of an all saints church/monastery that sat above the Black Forest Waterfalls.
Now we're staying for about a week in the Château de Pourtalès. Yeah Laundry and free Wi-Fi!!!


  1. ooooooo you luckduck. nice pics so far. dig das boot. keep 'em coming.

  2. Great pics..sounds like your making the most of it! As a wise man once said, "live hard". I'm way jealous.

  3. These look like traveling pictures should look, beautiful, relaxing and like your having fun. Your story about the flight made me proud of you
    (once again) I would like you by me on a scary flight. Be safe Daniel!

  4. Happy late Bday! Way too much fun. Keep it going.

  5. Looks like a good time so far....I'm so jealous! Miss you!

  6. Hurray for you!! Hurray for you!!!