Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Out and about.

Great day today. After a short session about student services we had a few hours to kill before our afternoon session with Mark. One of my fellow CCT's, Claire, and I decided to explore the city center for a while. There just so happened to be an outdoor craft/food fair going on starting today and going through Sunday on Sauchiehall Street. We wondered around smelling all of the french pastries, german sausages, and fresh heather plants and then headed east toward George Square. (pic)
After infiltrating another college's student fair, we headed back. I grabbed a croque monsieur from a very bubbly frenchman. We met everyone on the steps of the RCS and hung out until our meeting. 

Today, after going over the rest of the year's plans, Mark split us off into groups to discuss professionalism. We all boiled it down to a few key terms including respect, drive/effort, and organization/communication. My group found it easier to discuss what wasn't professional as a starting point and how a money and organization are not neccessarily a sure fire way to be professional. In fact, many "amateur" theater companies are far more professional than some well-established "professional" companies. All in all, it was a very interesting conversation.



  2. There is discussion about the afternoon session with the Mark and the CCT's fellows. You can see the student college fair which is good thing. We have to work on the proper professionalism and set your goal in this pace. Drag out your all activities with and make a work better.