Saturday, September 20, 2014

Reyjavik, Iceland

I had a nice 5 hour flight from Toronto to Reykjavik. Is at next to this delightfully sweet couple, Robyn and Edward, who shared their fair trade dark espresso chocolate with me. They were on their way to England and were taking advantage of the fee free week layover in Iceland. The started watching the King's Speech and spent the first third of the movie fumbling with ear buds which either didn't work so they switched or kept falling out of their ears because they were sharing and trying to snuggle together. Occasionally Robyn would reach over and say, "Give me a little kiss." He of course obliged.

Now it's 7am local time, 3am back home. It'll be a short flight to Glasgow where I am just hoping beyond hope that my luggage will meet me. 

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