Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am a sponge. I am an iiiiiiisland.

End of my second day of the first week. Yesterday was a bit of a breeze. We had a nice easy welcome session followed by an impromptu meet 'n greet for the MA CCT's. Apparently Mark was double booked. It was actually great and very interesting to be put into a room with the rest of the class and without knowing one another, discover each other. All on our own without a "leader". Fascinating. Anyway, a bunch of us ended at the pub and danced the night away. 

Today, our cohort of MAs had a great little chat with the Dean. After that we had a session with the IT department followed by a tour of the library. Wow, I can honostly say that our conservatory library is the coolest library I've ever seen. The resources Alan has put together are amazing. It is also constantly growing and evolving. Well done. Very well done. Our final session was with Mark Saunders, the head of our program. We divided into partners and interviewed each other and presented each other to the class. Eve Jamieson will be running our realism project and stopped by to help Mark give a broad overview of the upcoming trimester. I cannae wai t'ge start'd!

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