Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I am a bubble!!!

Today we had yet another interesting session concerning our research projects. It wasn't greatly helpful and I still feel mostly in the dark about this part of my degree as a whole, but I think, I think, I'm grasping little wisps here and there and forming ideas. Hopefully things will come into focus sometime soon and my path will be clear. At least until I change my mind completely.

Then, after lunch and a short meeting with the MA musical theater students discussing the "On The Verge" and "Cabaret"/"Creative Voice" Projects we had a movement class with Lucien Lindsay-MacDougall and Benedicte Seierup. Wow. What a joy to observe and learn from this amazing team. They had such a precise and "bubbly" repertoire with each other. They would nearly finish each other's... sandwiches.
They were so in tune with each other and the work they were exploring with us. They also were actively exploring WITH us. There were ways we did some of the exercises that they had never done like that before. It is so refreshing to see teachers who are constantly reinventing and discovering with their students, even though it was perfectly clear that they had done this work a million times before. They mostly work with the BA cohorts and didn't even get a chance to work with the CCT's last year. I am so grateful that we got to work with them. Their movement work mostly consists of using the natural world/elements/materials to find new ways of exploring the body and how to manipulate it. We played with the idea of being a stretched rubber band, a compressed piece of floral wrap that is expanding, a sugar cube dissolving in a glass of water, and the life of bubbles.
It was utterly fascinating to watch most of these items that I have seen many times throughout my life and yet today they seemed to have a soul, a sense of awareness, or some sort of life to them that really shouldn't be there. Also, watching others watch these things and hearing what it was like watching me do these things sort of blew my mind. (We are now midweek in the third week of our year and I think everyone is bit punch-drunk in one way or another.)

I particularly enjoyed watching the sugar cube dissolve and applying that to my body. It so desperately wanted to stay a cube.

The crumpled paper seemed to have the most life/journey. We all audibly gasped and awed at it's triumphs and struggle to get back to stasis. I found it the hardest to replicate by myself, but the tableau we created with the humanization of it was extremely intriguing.

The rubber band being stretched to the point of breaking and either retracting or actually breaking really hit home in regards to human relationships.

The bubble was the most fun to play with. From the being "born" to the frolicking and being effected by the wind or other objects including other bubbles, to the ultimately sad ignorant death.

Well, that seems like a good note to stop on. Back to my all night Chekhov session.

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