Monday, October 6, 2014

"Monday's mom has got it goin' on!"

Ooooooh, monday, monday, monday...

We had a short program meeting today. First off: Gabrielle finally made it! YEAH! Welcome, welcome, and thrice welcome! There was almost gonna be a #whenisgabriellecoming #whereisgabrielle #isshereal 
We then had a very diplomatic and clear once-around-the-room voicing our opinions and questions about the Critical Artistry Conference this past weekend. 
AND Mark announced our Renaissance productions for the year: an all female King Lear and Marlowe's Edward II. Should prove to be very interesting. I don't know Edward II much at all other than the National Theater in London did it a couple years ago. It will be exciting to work on some text from Shakespeare's contemporary. I do believe EII was in some way a response or inspiration for Shakespeare's Richard II. I also have heard about a rod hot poker going where the sun don't shine, so... that should be interesting.

Also, Claire and I filmed the first in a series of sketch videos pertaining to Jacques Lecoq's Seven Levels of Tension that we have been working on in movement class. Hold on to yer butts!

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