Sunday, October 5, 2014

WAW!!! WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!

Big first week of classes. First off, I'm having a unbelievably poignant, interesting, challenging, and good ol' fashioned fun time here in Glasgow.

We have only touched the surface of the vocal technique of Nadine George with Bill Wright, but I can't wait to explore more with him and see how he brings us out of our shells individually. I have already seen the inklings of this and am yearning for more.

Our other vocal asset at the RCS is Hillary Jones who has a special affinity for dialect work. She's working on a huge project at the moment that sounds extraordinary and I am very excited about the prospects of it being available to the theater community at large and that I might be able to be even a small part of it. Huzzah!

We also had our first full day of textual analysis with Eve Jamieson. We will eventually be doing our realism project by working with scenes from Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters. For the class however, we are working with a scene from The Seagull. I admit that I will not be surprised to breakdown in front of that woman at some point this year and if not me, at least someone from our class. She is an amazing force of a woman and I am anxious to work with her more. Also, I think it will be a good challenging exercise to keep an open mind and go with the flow. Ah, textual analysis, you mistress of mysterious onus...

And then there was Mark.
Mark Saunders.
He deserves his own name line. Who has two thumbs and the best god damn program head ever? THIS GUY! I can already tell that working with Mark in the Lecoq school of movement is going to be one of the most enjoyable, fascinating, and growth inspiring things I will do this year. He is such a compelling and engaging teacher to learn about and from. I wish I could have seen him perform his clown work back in the day. His inclusive and collaborative style make it all the more enjoyable and comfortable to be open to the work.

After an exhaustive weekend filled with a conference on critical artistry, I am ready to get back in it this week and expand and explore and maybe explode if I don't get some sleep...

Good night!

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