Monday, October 27, 2014

Ready for Realism

As I sit at the Tinderbox coffee shop above Paperchase, I reflect on my past week with Andrew in the Three Sisters and my free cappuccino. We have done some very interesting and enlightening exercises in order to explore our little scene at the end of act III. Thee improv sessions have been particularly expanding. We improvised the few moments before Masha's wedding to Kulygin, the leaving of Moscow as children, the first Christmas without the Prozorov patriarch (I especially liked this one. We each described the gifts we would give each other.), Natasha imploring Irna to move into Olga's room, and the day of Sophie's christening. We  even did a couple of avante-garde exercises as children and with interpretive dance. All of these gave each of us something new to play with and a deeper understanding of our relationship/history with each other as well as our own behavior/wants/needs/twitches/speech patterns. Very fascinating. It  all makes me hope that I will be able to get at least some of this type of exploration work and development in the real world. I know most of the time that it "isn't possible" because of "time constraints". Too many directors are worried about "blocking" a play, instead of creating a story and experience for the audience. In the relatively minimal amount of time last week spent on these explorations, I know my character better, my fellow characters better, my lines make sense and were easier to memorize, and I know I am conveying the story with more complexity with less effort. 

My next task for the upcoming week is finding a physical/psychological gesture for my character and really nailing down my obectives and subtextual wants for each beat of the scene. I also have to read some plays and continue looking for showcase material. Tonight were are going to the Arches for a new Page to Stage reading and tomorrow I have my second unarmed combat class. PUNCHES! BOOMTOWN! Wednesday night choir. Friday is the showing of our scenes. Gonna be a big week. Maybe I should get another coffee...

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